Nothing to write about today

It turns out I have nothing to write about for this week. It is the hottest week of the Summer in the Finland this year and I have been struggling to code because of the heat.

Therefore I missed my 14-day schedule with the VR-enabled text editor, but I'm getting there and at even better pace perhaps! Instead of contemplating about the heat I have been exercising with the aid of a fitness wristband. I feel stronger, smarter and well-slept despite having slept less in the heat that is excessive for a scandinavian person.

After writing the retrospect post for Lever 0.8.0 I was planning to release the Lever 0.9.0 soon, but there's a hitch. The GTX 780 ti in my Windows computer is few generations old and only supports The NVIDIA-specific variant of the VK_external_memory_capabilities Vulkan instance extension. To Use Oculus VR right now I should have a newer graphics card that supports the KHX version of the same extension. This is present in the Oculus PC SDK 1.17 which was just recently released.

NVIDIA has already released the VK_KHR_external_memory_capabilities and it may end up into the mainline drivers relatively soon. Oculus is turning the support into their SDK 1.18, which should finally provide the KHR extension and allow me to use my older graphics card.

This prevents me from effectively testing the VR support and I cannot therefore ensure that it is correct. I do not feel that it's appropriate to do the 0.9.0 without the VR support and without some demos because I am planning to create a video for the next major release.

Meanwhile I have had fun studying the idea of building a custom PC case. I have been excited by the idea because the modern PC no longer needs much or any space for actual drive bays. Meanwhile 3D printing has opened the doorways for fantastics forms and shapes in your case mods.

Given that you can get a decent computer case for 50€ there is not much reason for it except, maybe, aesthetics.

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