Waiting for Oculus Rift CV1

I was surprised that I get my first CV1 for free, because I got the DK1 from the kickstarter. Palmer also announced to have the Linux support in the post-launch roadmap.

They decided to include headphones and microphone into the CV1, and if they included proper set then this alone explains lot of the price bump up from the DK2. Audio through headphones add so much into the experience that I am glad they did this. Also I'm sort of happy that this makes telecommunication in CV1 much more feasible. It helps to set up any kind of human interaction on this system, were it a conference or multiplayer gaming session.

What I'm waiting the most is how much they've improved the visuals. 2k resolution divided for larger than 100 degrees of view has been likely confirmed so far. They provide that in two displays to allow adjusting the whole config for your eye distance.

I am interested about the moment when you can completely replace a desktop display with a rift. The x1200 resolution over x1080 of the DK2 feels a little improvement, and I know DK2 was not ready to replace the desktop display. So I can't expect CV1 to do that yet. I am interested about where it gets there anyway.

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