Lever rendering to Oculus Rift


This is the first demo that runs on the Oculus Rift. It's in the samples/gl_boxdemo/ -directory

I wrote a vr -module to enable VR in any opengl program written in Lever. Here's a sample of how such module works:

import vr

hmd = vr.init()

if hmd.on
    for eye in hmd.eyes
gl.viewport(width, height)

When inserted along the rest of the opengl application, this provides the full HMD support. The module itself is located in stdlib/vr.lc and it is clean to read.

There is only one issue I will solve when rifts start shipping: The vr -module is unable to get the texture size from the library, so it renders to every rift with a default resolution. It's a bug in the version of libffi that lever depends on.

The next month I will be working on features that should make lever easier to install and try.

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