Indies vs. Gamers entry: PeacefulForest

In-game screenshot

I had 72 hours to make a game when I participated to indies vs gamers this weekend. The PeacefulForest is my entry into the jam.

My game presents a small patch of forest that has been inhabited by man-eating spiders. The spiders hide and hunt the player. The player is tasked to find, pursue and kill the spiders as fast as possible while avoiding the instadeadly bites of the spiders. The inspiration to the game originates from an another video game Forbidden Forest that was released in 1985.

While doing the game I had to watch several unity guides through to get the crucial elements that form the game. I learned whole lot here, practically the basics about animating 3D characters for computer games.

My sister helped me by modelling and rigging the spider, but I did the same for the archer myself. She also animated half of the actions in the game. Blender turned out to be quite messy tool to use for that. I used the Krita to draw the textures for terrain and trees.

The time turned out to be way too short to get everything right, even if I were using Unity3D:

Though, there were equally many things I think I got right:

Why did I do it? The jam is being presented by people who have millions of youtube subscribers on their channels. Victory or possibly even just proper participation could provide massive visibility that could make it less effort to market my future game titles.

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