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Deep inference combinators
Deep inference
Session types and computability logic
A peek inside llprover's innards
Modeling of Chess in Prolog
Tool configuring (and an old word processor)
Concurrent linear expression language
BCI combinators & Linear logic
Interaction and Concurrency
Extending Pratt parser with layout sensitivity
Horn-clauses as imperative program representation
Can we solve dynamic memory management?
Bad things I have to say about ML/Haskell
How many languages am I going to write?
Illative combinatory logic
Short explanation of unum type 3 (posit) arithmetic
Dissecting Zebra Puzzle (Puzzle building)
Japanese abacus and binary arithmetic
What are constraint handling rules and why fuss about them?
Into Logic Programming
Coercive subtyping extension to MLsub type inference
Indexed multidimensional arrays
APL, ignored wisdom under plain sight
Horn Clause -based VM and Frontend for Lever 0.10.0
Towards general-purpose logic programming
Retrieving strongly connected components without an additional pass
Operator chart minification problem
Minimal (34MB) LLVM build with C API
Why programming is hard? Because data and code are inextricable
Modules and coeffects
How do I structure my programming projects
A new runtime for Lever 0.10.0
Two big MLsub hacks I made (that do not work)
Dynamic-static typing
Extensible type promotion for subtyping arithmetic
Typeclasses (and MLsub)
Generalize/Instantiate/Fixpoint/Traits for MLsub
Global variables inside modules
Types and Indeterminates
An another MLsub study
Hindley-Milner type system/Algorithm W study
Types have tremendous information density
Expression problem assesment
Finishing study of Axiom to Aldor
Studying Axiom with a Context-Free Grammar
Static typing increases the need to refactor
AXIOM - A computer algebra system
Reviewing "Computer Networking" by Kurose and Ross
Layout parsing with context-free grammars
Happy extra rare new year
Internet has sunk into garbage
Holiday rush
Beginning with Plan 9
The upcoming visit to Plan 9
What made old games better?
The Fragmented Worklist
How should the addition -expression behave?
Multiple Dispatch Problems
Value range analysis papers
MLsub subtyping in SSA IR
In Defense of Details
GPU computing through SPIR-V
Bug-free programming, what could we do for it?
Not taking risks isn't risk aversion
Starting videoblogging
Lever upgrade: Weakened multimethods
PC from 2020 will boot faster than Commodore C64
Nothing to write about today
Vulkan WSI, Oculus and SDL2
Lever 0.8.0 retrospective
Usecases of diff when porting code
The waltz with ninjas toward portable Ninja build systems
Application of Fortune's algorithm on triangulation
Easy text rendering with Vulkan
Naive Bayesian detects spam that a man wont
Exploring language design
What programming language should a beginner learn in 2017 - 20XX?
Lever's translator
Game programming patterns
Detour into an esoteric moded keyboard layout
A dynamically typed register allocator
Differenciable protobuf, snowflake method
Optimizing Lever PNG loading
Polynomial long division
Webassembly is friendship
Start of abstract interpretation in Lever
Hashing, comparison and equality, questions for readers
Lever documentation came online
Texopic and slow-paced problem solving
Vulkan API is liberating the graphics from the desktop
Mesh topology and differential geometry
We don't understand each other
How Lever can help with WebGPU development
Syntax is the last thing you should design
Documentation principles
Problems in coming up with good streaming primitives
Lever's libuv integration
Lever console had to be homebrew
Journeys of Lever
The first time & visual cues
Oculus touch controllers are your VR hands
Programming and creativity random thoughts
Appreciation for syntax and plain text
On correctness and incorrectness
Advice for Arduino programming
Mobile, copper and fiber comparison
Texopic typesetting language
Eve language review
Right recursion at Marpa parser
The story of a failed archival utility
A WebAssembly study
Thoughts on critical reading
"Perfect product" and other folksman entrepreneur advice
Why Fiber?
Marketing studies
Lever JSON decoding/encoding
Finicky C preprocessing and parsing details
Concurrency in Javascript
Javascript continent and the callback pyramids of hell
Writing good and detailed documentation
The keyboard design was a failure
Lever standalone compiler
Ultimate 3D keyboard progress report
Did my first 3D-Design in VR
Wasteland 2
Expectations of game design
VR is going to succeed
Oculus Rift
Keyswitch connector 3d-print madness!
Delta robot status update
The missing piece of Desktop Linux & Linux VR
Robot electronics
Progressive learning and arduino
Windows Fatigue
Software complexity
3D printing impressions
Waiting for Rift
How to get high perf graphics with a dynamic language
I can't draw a flower
Vulkan API Overview: Pipeline barriers
Vulkan API Overview: Rendering primitives
Vulkan API Overview
Analytical view to trigonometry
Rasterizing versus painting
Lever rendering to Oculus Rift
Oculus Rift on Lever
Chart parser solves the solved problem again
Waiting for Oculus Rift CV1
Dota 2: Know your enemy in the internet
Lever's Eventloop
Introducing Lever Programming Language
Music Theory
Steam Controller Review
Ergodox keyboard
Fundamental piece of my compiler
Designing Portal levels is harder than playing them through
How can I get away with dynamic typing?
Mnemonics for bezier curves
Learn differential geometry in sympy (it's a CAS)
How I arrived from Lelux Mk.2 to Pytci
Working on Lelux Mark II
Linux namespaces lets you pretend you are a root
Inspired from Clay Sculpting
Quick Relational Database App Setup Guide for Dummies
Does a blogger blog if no one reads him?
Virtual reality
Game Mechanics Taxonomy
My Ludum Dare 2015 -entry
Javascript Promises: Language Smells
PeacefulForest Aftermath: Motivation
Blogwriter benefits from composition skills
Improving productivity with worklists
Indies vs. Gamers entry: PeacefulForest
Boid Behaviors
Reactive Programming Study
Better Web Language
Pyllisp grammar (and parser) slow but flexible
Marpa: Parsing Revolution
Compiler In Plain Python: Register Allocation
Elm Language Bonsai
Compiler in Plain Python: Instruction Select
MenuetOS Programmer Review
CEK Abstract Machine
LR & GLL Parsers Study
The Vanishing Pixel (Hardware Upgrade)
Optimizing RPython JIT for Pyllisp
Pyllisp FFI Uses Generated JSON Headers
Pyllisp Syntax
SSA Construction
Python to SPIR-V Translation
User Interface Parsing
Bottom-up Editing In Tree Structures
Context Free Grammar as a Schema
REPL in a Projectional Editor
Document Schema in Textended
Bottom-up Top-down dissonance
Why Would Somebody Program Treepython Instead of Python
Textended Updates & Layout Engine Details
Textended Update 2
Textended Update
The First Textended Editor Release
Minimum Viable Editor
Further Challenges in Generating C Bindings
Differential Geometry and Spiro Spline Interpolation
Euler Spirals, Curves, Spiro
Challenges in Parsing C to Get Bindings
Wavepot Milestone #1
Pong Running in RPython Interpreter on MIPS32
Pypy Threw My Projects Bottom-Up
Interactive Programming
Visual Programming Perhaps Inevitable
Unjustified Abstractions, Premature Abstractions
Introducing Solid Lisp
Large Programming Projects and their Organization
TeX Study
GCW 0 Arrived
Readability of a Computer Program
Back to Visual Programming and Structure Editors
Simulating Lightning on a Computer
Compiling with Continuation Passing Style
Back to Lisp
VBA Badness Explained with Car Analogies
About The Author of This Blog
LR(1) parsers
Description of the Simplex Algorithm
Finalizers, GC, greenlets and the grue
To understand C programs, study their data structures
Why radians are used everywhere in programming?
What is Hard?
Mesh Modelling Thoughts
Deployment Tools
Virtual Machine Design
Object System
Thoughts on Writing a Compiler
JIT FFI Experiment
Gamification cuts both ways in stackoverflow
SELF Just-In-Time compiler optimizations
Syntax for a programming language
Visual Programming
Mill CPU Architecture Overview
Javascript Needs Module Loaders
Midi Proxy
How Unity3D Sucks?
Code Layout for Readability
SteamOS Install
Dynamic typing is good
Microsoft Should Ditch The Windows
Python in SteamOS
What is this?