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2017-10-16MLsub subtyping in SSA IR
2017-10-09In Defense of Details
2017-10-02GPU computing through SPIR-V
2017-09-25Bug-free programming, what could we do for it?
2017-09-18Not taking risks isn't risk aversion
2017-09-11Starting videoblogging
2017-08-28Lever upgrade: Weakened multimethods
2017-08-21PC from 2020 will boot faster than Commodore C64
2017-08-14Nothing to write about today
2017-08-07Vulkan WSI, Oculus and SDL2
2017-07-31Lever 0.8.0 retrospective
2017-07-24Usecases of diff when porting code
2017-07-17The waltz with ninjas toward portable Ninja build systems
2017-07-10Application of Fortune's algorithm on triangulation
2017-07-03Easy text rendering with Vulkan
2017-06-26Naive Bayesian detects spam that a man wont
2017-06-19Exploring language design
2017-06-14What programming language should a beginner learn in 2017 - 20XX?
2017-06-12Lever's translator
2017-06-05Game programming patterns
2017-05-29Detour into an esoteric moded keyboard layout
2017-05-22A dynamically typed register allocator
2017-05-15Differenciable protobuf, snowflake method
2017-05-08Optimizing Lever PNG loading
2017-04-24Polynomial long division
2017-04-17Webassembly is friendship
2017-04-10Start of abstract interpretation in Lever
2017-04-03Hashing, comparison and equality, questions for readers
2017-03-27Lever documentation came online
2017-03-20Texopic and slow-paced problem solving
2017-03-13Vulkan API is liberating the graphics from the desktop
2017-03-06Mesh topology and differential geometry
2017-02-20We don't understand each other
2017-02-13How Lever can help with WebGPU development
2017-02-06Syntax is the last thing you should design
2017-01-30Documentation principles
2017-01-23Problems in coming up with good streaming primitives
2017-01-16Lever's libuv integration
2017-01-09Lever console had to be homebrew
2017-01-02Journeys of Lever
2016-12-26The first time & visual cues
2016-12-19Oculus touch controllers are your VR hands
2016-12-12Programming and creativity random thoughts
2016-12-05Appreciation for syntax and plain text
2016-11-28On correctness and incorrectness
2016-11-21Advice for Arduino programming
2016-11-14Mobile, copper and fiber comparison
2016-11-07Texopic typesetting language
2016-10-31Eve language review
2016-10-24Right recursion at Marpa parser
2016-10-17The story of a failed archival utility
2016-10-10A WebAssembly study
2016-10-03Thoughts on critical reading
2016-09-26"Perfect product" and other folksman entrepreneur advice
2016-09-19Why Fiber?
2016-09-04Marketing studies
2016-08-29Lever JSON decoding/encoding
2016-08-22Finicky C preprocessing and parsing details
2016-08-15Concurrency in Javascript
2016-08-08Javascript continent and the callback pyramids of hell
2016-08-01Writing good and detailed documentation
2016-07-25The keyboard design was a failure
2016-07-18Lever standalone compiler
2016-07-11Ultimate 3D keyboard progress report
2016-06-27Did my first 3D-Design in VR
2016-06-20Wasteland 2
2016-06-13Expectations of game design
2016-06-06VR is going to succeed
2016-05-30Oculus Rift
2016-05-23Keyswitch connector 3d-print madness!
2016-05-16Delta robot status update
2016-05-09The missing piece of Desktop Linux & Linux VR
2016-05-02Robot electronics
2016-04-25Progressive learning and arduino
2016-04-18Windows Fatigue
2016-04-11Software complexity
2016-04-043D printing impressions
2016-03-28Waiting for Rift
2016-03-21How to get high perf graphics with a dynamic language
2016-03-14I can't draw a flower
2016-03-07Vulkan API Overview: Pipeline barriers
2016-02-29Vulkan API Overview: Rendering primitives
2016-02-22Vulkan API Overview
2016-02-15Analytical view to trigonometry
2016-02-08Rasterizing versus painting
2016-02-01Lever rendering to Oculus Rift
2016-01-25Oculus Rift on Lever
2016-01-18Chart parser solves the solved problem again
2016-01-11Waiting for Oculus Rift CV1
2016-01-04Dota 2: Know your enemy in the internet
2015-12-28Lever's Eventloop
2015-12-21Introducing Lever Programming Language
2015-12-14Music Theory
2015-12-07Steam Controller Review
2015-11-30Ergodox keyboard
2015-11-23Fundamental piece of my compiler
2015-11-16Designing Portal levels is harder than playing them through
2015-11-09How can I get away with dynamic typing?
2015-11-02Mnemonics for bezier curves
2015-10-26Learn differential geometry in sympy (it's a CAS)
2015-10-20How I arrived from Lelux Mk.2 to Pytci
2015-10-12Working on Lelux Mark II
2015-10-05Linux namespaces lets you pretend you are a root
2015-09-28Inspired from Clay Sculpting
2015-09-21Quick Relational Database App Setup Guide for Dummies
2015-09-14Does a blogger blog if no one reads him?
2015-09-07Virtual reality
2015-08-31Game Mechanics Taxonomy
2015-08-24My Ludum Dare 2015 -entry
2015-08-17Javascript Promises: Language Smells
2015-08-10PeacefulForest Aftermath: Motivation
2015-08-03Blogwriter benefits from composition skills
2015-07-27Improving productivity with worklists
2015-07-20Indies vs. Gamers entry: PeacefulForest
2015-07-13Boid Behaviors
2015-07-06Reactive Programming Study
2015-06-29Better Web Language
2015-06-22Pyllisp grammar (and parser) slow but flexible
2015-06-15Marpa: Parsing Revolution
2015-06-08Compiler In Plain Python: Register Allocation
2015-06-01Elm Language Bonsai
2015-05-25Compiler in Plain Python: Instruction Select
2015-05-18MenuetOS Programmer Review
2015-05-11CEK Abstract Machine
2015-05-04LR & GLL Parsers Study
2015-04-27The Vanishing Pixel (Hardware Upgrade)
2015-04-20Optimizing RPython JIT for Pyllisp
2015-04-13Pyllisp FFI Uses Generated JSON Headers
2015-04-06Pyllisp Syntax
2015-03-23SSA Construction
2015-03-16Python to SPIR-V Translation
2015-03-09User Interface Parsing
2015-03-02Bottom-up Editing In Tree Structures
2015-02-23Context Free Grammar as a Schema
2015-02-16REPL in a Projectional Editor
2015-02-09Document Schema in Textended
2015-02-02Bottom-up Top-down dissonance
2015-01-26Why Would Somebody Program Treepython Instead of Python
2015-01-19Textended Updates & Layout Engine Details
2015-01-12Textended Update 2
2015-01-05Textended Update
2014-12-29The First Textended Editor Release
2014-12-22Minimum Viable Editor
2014-12-15Further Challenges in Generating C Bindings
2014-12-08Differential Geometry and Spiro Spline Interpolation
2014-12-01Euler Spirals, Curves, Spiro
2014-11-24Challenges in Parsing C to Get Bindings
2014-11-17Wavepot Milestone #1
2014-11-09Pong Running in RPython Interpreter on MIPS32
2014-11-03Pypy Threw My Projects Bottom-Up
2014-10-27Interactive Programming
2014-10-20Visual Programming Perhaps Inevitable
2014-10-13Unjustified Abstractions, Premature Abstractions
2014-10-06Introducing Solid Lisp
2014-09-29Large Programming Projects and their Organization
2014-09-22TeX Study
2014-09-15GCW 0 Arrived
2014-09-01Readability of a Computer Program
2014-08-25Back to Visual Programming and Structure Editors
2014-08-18Simulating Lightning on a Computer
2014-08-11Compiling with Continuation Passing Style
2014-08-04Back to Lisp
2014-07-28VBA Badness Explained with Car Analogies
2014-07-28About The Author of This Blog
2014-07-21LR(1) parsers
2014-07-14Description of the Simplex Algorithm
2014-07-07Finalizers, GC, greenlets and the grue
2014-06-30To understand C programs, study their data structures
2014-06-23Why radians are used everywhere in programming?
2014-06-16What is Hard?
2014-06-09Mesh Modelling Thoughts
2014-06-02Deployment Tools
2014-05-26Virtual Machine Design
2014-05-19Object System
2014-05-12Thoughts on Writing a Compiler
2014-05-05JIT FFI Experiment
2014-04-28Gamification cuts both ways in stackoverflow
2014-04-21SELF Just-In-Time compiler optimizations
2014-04-14Syntax for a programming language
2014-04-07Visual Programming
2014-03-31Mill CPU Architecture Overview
2014-03-24Javascript Needs Module Loaders
2014-03-17Midi Proxy
2014-03-09How Unity3D Sucks?
2014-03-03Code Layout for Readability
2014-02-24SteamOS Install
2014-02-17Dynamic typing is good
2014-02-10Microsoft Should Ditch The Windows
2013-12-15Python in SteamOS
2013-12-01What is this?