Facts and fiction amalgated

More often we form judgements less guided they are. Many of them is a wall for a mind to climb that leave interesting worlds to the other side.

Freedom of speech is fought back by liability of speech. You should be liable for everything you say and everything everybody did based on what you said. But very few are correct about everything they say or know whether what they say is true. Inevitably you make a mistake left incorrected. It sets a precedent for wise to not say anything.

People get distressed were their speech suppressed disrespective of whether it was an other person or themselves. Thereby I propose a writing style that allows errors given that text remains clean and consistent to its purpose and amalgates fiction to facts while avoiding judgements, with utter nonsense intermixed with contents you're going to convey. It trusts to other person to analyse the text and to not just regurgitate what you wrote. Implicitly it also expects to take account to the feelings of the reader and leaves room for self-expression. It is only possible for texts that are concise and clear, as it adds redundancy that requires space otherwise taken by tiresome fluff.

It sets a dangerous precedent for texts that harm, were they going to follow in this style they become complete and utter nonsense where the supposed facts completely sink into the fiction the writer provided. Serious texts becoming less serious strains them from the distress of writing and reading them. Everybody got their own truth and you let them have it.

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