The Facist Factory

There's this melting hot potato that I better not to take into my mouth. Though I need to talk about it. I shall share some recent thoughts.

The nazi is always the guy who shoots first then asks questions. Never shoot first in start of any physical conflict.

Lets take something innocuous such as a website where people can communicate. We'll play with the idea to get my point across. It does not perhaps matter much how the site is structured. Lets say it allows you to write a message to some board and then there's some mechanism by which it is shown to others. This would match several websites you know by now right?


Lets consider what is deemed acceptable on the website that we just made up. I've found out it's a good idea to hold people responsible for the emotions their texts arouse. I've tried to hold up this standard for about a half year now. But what is deemed acceptable is perhaps not relevant for discussion, you can come up with something.

Lets build a system where people are banned indefinitely when they say something bad. Throw them overboard if they say something ugly and that'll show them to not do it again.

Lets entertain the idea that you'd be one banned. You get a vague message, you won't be told by anybody what you did wrong, there's no reimbursement mechanism. You're also left alone with the ideas you presented because you're now isolated from others.

Perhaps if they had told you how disgusting your idea is, or how horrified or shocked they're about hurting somebody else. Maybe you'd do something about it but they've doomed, banned and banished you from their platform when you figure you did something wrong.


Next about control.

You can control the quality of the discussion in the first place. Make loudest, most posting and most obnoxious people appear on top, guess what? Everybody on that platform are motivated to post more, louder and annoy more people.

The another part is how you make pages, group posts, organize content or even just make things searchable. You're in control by showing what you show under each tag.

Now again consider that you're a poster posting some legitimate content that's you think is well structured and decide where it should appear. Then you look up and it doesn't appear in places where it should. Meanwhile you see opposing opinions filling the place where you were trying to reach. What do you think about that? Even if it was just some algorithm doing its work, would you conclude it's fair and go on?


Finally lets say you got a way to vote with money or that money forms a significant foundation for decision making. Perhaps just don't use the platforms you don't like? Well, except that lets hypothesize that you don't have any money to vote with. It's getting more and more common as jobs are more demanding, require more training and skill, and honestly we just don't need as many people around.

When you don't have enough money or income, it means that any income you have immediately goes into expenses. This leads to lack of savings and funds. Get a loan? Well even if that was possible it still doesn't matter because the loans have to be paid before you gather savings, and many people have not gathered financial knowledge to use loan effectively. Mainly because they do not have money to learn the lessons. Finally even if you gather savings, the standard for living is high and constantly tempts to waste the hard-earned savings.

People with savings and money in bank have much more steering and considerable economic advantage compared to those who do not have. I've realised the tresshold between going poor and earning is small, but it really depends how lucky you are and what you know. Still, equipped with modern education where it's still teaching people to be good factory workers, it's like highway races where you get sandals and the opponent gets a racecar.


Things have led to this small simmer over a time. Lot of the correction seem to be equivalent of feeding it with gasoline. All this stuff about AWS cloud dropping stuff, Apple and Google showing their App store muscle to silence somebody who I have never heard about before.

I think it's scary. But I did examine who is being silenced.

Parler is perceived as a problematic platform in a sense that they do tolerate people who do not tolerate others. This would mean that they cannot rely on protection of free speech because if we let them have it, then they eventually destroy free speech.

Parler tolerates people who hate and intolerate people of different race. They tolerate people who would be ready to execute democratically chosen leaders. They tolerate people who lie and use misinformation to distract. This last one makes it very hard to see whether silencing has been rightly used, but that's the old trick they've always have used.

Pain, trouble and suffering has been always very good growing ground for terror. But no matter how much you've suffered, it's not right to rob your well-being from others.

Facist factories should be dismantled.

Yet another update: I hate to flip flop. But I am confused and this is really important.

There's a common misunderstanding about the paradox of tolerance that is used to rationalize things such as this crackdown on Parler.

The paradox of tolerance states that if a society is tolerant without limit, its ability to be tolerant is eventually seized or destroyed by the intolerant. Karl Popper described it as the seemingly paradoxical idea that in order to maintain a tolerant society, the society must be intolerant of intolerance.

When we apply this rule, should we first have tolerance in the first place? The recent stories, postings and everything else suggests that we are simply not tolerant to anything at all because the limit for tolerating intolerance is set to zero.

My problem is that I have problem with trusting what was said because everybody lies in US politics. Can you trust the person who is enforcing these constraints? Who's the nazi?

This may be the explanation for why I feel about this as if fires are being fed with gasoline.

After thinking of this a lot. The nazi is the guy who shoots first, then asks questions. Never shoot first in any physical conflict. See the targets you're looking in the web? They're bots.

Also recall there can be terrorists in the country, attacking anybody on sight to incite terror.

You're being mislead to civil war, delay your judgement.

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