Minimality is for the audience rather than the author

I noticed writing was harder after a refresher on Unix or suckless philosophy that emphasize frugality and simplicity in code and content. You hesitate to write sentences thinking you'll leave them away anyway.

I often rewrite my texts and they don't stay the same until publishing. First draft always has unnecessary repetition and verbose form. It would be silly to worry whether the first draft is minimal because it should be a free flow of thought: Everything that you think of deserves some form on your medium. Elaborate on details and explain things through.

It's worthwhile to write and worthwhile to revise after writing. The reasoning behind many design decisions in Unix are difficult to find. I approve that I would find more and that it'd be better organized.

Despite the problems it may introduce to writing, minimality is a really good writing principle when you recognize who it is for. Rather than to spare you from writing, it is to please the reader. It is courteous to explain what you have without excess. Yours is merely one text from many to read.

You first create a lot, then remove the chaff. And details should be lovable when they have a place.

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