How to offend a skilled blog author with your blogwriting

I did look into r/programming/new again. It's like a spring river, you won't find the post I was offended about.

  1. Write into medium so you don't own your text. The bonus is that the text pops up with an invasive advert that asks you to sign into medium.
  2. Present yourself as an expert, then write a long and incoherent message that shows you have a lot of work to do in both writing, presentation, and in the subject you were lecturing about.
  3. Fill the text with clich├ęs and intertextual references and say nothing while you write a lot.
  4. Say things about you that could be said about everybody.
  5. Tell things that are completely outdated or incorrect such as "the knowledge of C is considered standard knowledge for everybody", or "C++ was the state of the art." Nope, knowing C is a specialty skill that allows you to program interesting things such as real time systems and hardware drivers. However it is something already a bit on its way out and there are people who can work it out for you when you need it. Likewise, C++ was never the state of the art, there were already very interesting languages such as Prolog and Lisp family, when it was made.
  6. Spread pictures that do not context properly to the content and repeat it through your text.

One great thing though. I could skim this all from your post without reading it properly. That's a good thing, please write skimmable texts, they help the reader! Also keep writing, that's also a good thing.

2020-08-16: 0x53r3n17y asked how can you improve if you do not have a platform? This is a very good question. I think github has pages. There are neocities, I guess it works? "Owning your content" means simply that you do not give it to any service that tries to condescend it like medium does. They chicken coop content in reward for dubious visibility promises. How to know a service chicken coops? It inconveniences you from moving your content in and out off the platform, not just by limiting file transfer, but by framing it to its emblems.

2020-08-16: I thought about this a bit, but there is a moment when you may like to give medium your content, with good reasoning. After all there is a lot of content in medium and not all of it offends me. I'm just not sure at the moment what that reason would be.

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