How to stop/help progress

Best way to hamper large progress is to disregard small progress. Like writing that last sentence or not unloading a diswasher because you won't finish unloading it either because you're too tired to do it or in haste. Is it useful to do anything if you can't do it big?

You erase a paragraph because you didn't get it right from the beginning. Of course, if you wrote bullshit you can erase it right away. But if you tried to communicate something important? Should you erase something that is toward what you wanted in the first place?

Maybe you didn't write it in the first place because you wouldn't get it right anyway. I've found it helpful to just start writing, even if the form was not right. Let it flow and don't prematurely clean the text. Cleaning is premature if text gets cleaned before it exits your head.

If something is pointless then you shouldn't do it but you shouldn't be eager at judging things useless without a reason.

I couldn't be sure but procrastination, slow warmup and hesitation might come from these kind of issues in thinking. If you've been thinking all the time that the small progress doesn't matter, then you don't do small progress and eventually don't see even large progress as anything. It helps being miserable in this manner if you disregard or harshly evaluate other people's work in attempt to boast yourself and your work.

You may have had people teaching arts to advice you to fix your mistakes by overdrawing and then use an eraser to clean up instead of doing CTRL+Z and redrawing. The earlier draw tells you what's wrong in your drawing and it'd be foolish to think that it was worth nothing.

There's an opposite end in this lesson that is trying to polish a turd. Except that you're maybe able to do great polish work once you get the foundations right. The extra effort just doesn't change quality of the end result when too many things are bad to begin with. Maybe knowing that helps in understanding where to focus though be careful judging quality there as it may not be what you think it is.

It seems that in old anime shows and television art many of the authors knew the value in this kind of focus. Tobor the 8th man is still a delight to watch, yet everything about it is wretched or hardly finished.

Car manufacturers eventually figured this out as well and came up with the functional build approach. Instead of trying to make perfect car panels when you simply can't do that without that lucky accident of having tolerances actually match in the drawing. See how much it's going wrong and find out methods to correct the errors during the assembly work. Oops, the thing stays on the road longer because the shape of the car doesn't stay the same anyway after it leaves the assembly line.

People who don't figure out that they do mistakes all the time and prepare for it are stupid and undo lots of good work.

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