2019: Resurgence of logic programming

I have a premonition that logic programming is resurging this year.

The game semantic interpretation of logic seem to be the key to constructing interactive logic programs. Interaction brings concurrency and mutable constructs under reasoning in its vane.

When Prolog programs fail, they tend to halt due to search getting stuck on finding redundant results. The style of programming there encourages you to add all the simple constraints that make up the correct program. That way logic programs are more reliable than their imperative counterparts. They refuse to run when things don't match up.

Logic programming languages are more expressive. The resulting programs are more versatile than their equivalents in imperative or functional languages. I think you can't even write same programs in other ways because you'd have to write several dozen of variations of the same program in other languages.

I enjoy documenting logic programs more as well. They present programs through the objectives to be reached and problems that arise from there. They remain easier to explain in that form.

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