The Fragmented Worklist

Last week was about bits and pieces of different things. There wasn't really a theme.

For the past few days, I've been doing some reading. I've learned about CIELUV colorspace and poisonous mercury/lead based color pigments. Also photometric and radiometric units.

My attention was catch by a guy who tests rodent traps and documents them in video articles in Youtube. An antique wire cage mouse trap was especially interesting because the mice reacted to the trap as if they didn't realise they were trapped. An hour-long showcase of computer animations from 1988 was also quite funny.

I've noticed that my worklist has become so cluttered that it was reduced to a list of links left for me to read. That's not an ideal actionable worklist. I cleaned all the links out into a separate 'misc' file for miscellaneous items.

Since I started keeping a text file called 'worklist', which holds a list of things I should do, it has been growing from both ends. When I finish a task I put it into the end of the file along the other completed tasks. Roughly, the pace of stuff collecting into the list is about the twice of the pace that it leaves from there.

When there is something you really want to do, the need doesn't go away when you forget it. It rebounds and come back after a while. When you have a record of your whims, it's easy to identify those that rebound.

The messy worklist has behaved a bit like a rope dragging behind. It has shown that the direction where I've been moving to has stood constant. It doesn't show whether the direction is right or if I'm in the right place at the moment. Though it has been quite effective at identifying the things that I likely enjoy afterwards.

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