We don't understand each other

Hello you,

For a long time I haven't really understood you. For that reason you have not understood me unless you know very much the same things as I do.

It is understandable that a web log serves the author more than it does anyone else. It gives him a way to remember details he would have otherwise forgotten long time ago.

I may have written about acknowledging your audience before. You cannot acknowledge them if you do not understand them. Why I don't understand my audience is because I forget there is a difference in what we know. It divides us apart.

Idea of a knowledge gap between communities is an old concept. Though I didn't know it could make skilled people lonely.

I'd like to write in a way you would understand even if I don't know who you are. I am happy that you read this blog after all.

Because I am writing a blog and not a book I often can't tell everything you need to know to understand. What I could do everytime would be to give a simple explanation of what is going on and present a motivation. It would make most of these posts immediately more interesting to everyone.

Lets not let the knowledge gap separate us apart.

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