Holiday rush

Around this time of the year I get to move a lot to prepare a christmas for my family. I've been too tired to progress anything further, so I don't have much motivation to work with the blog entries either.

Here are few things that are on the "telling".

Extending chartparser with layout constraints

The parsing in Lever requires parser feedback into the layout. This is not an ideal situation because it creates implicit priorities not documented in the grammar.

I checked out Michael Adam's layout parsing paper and thought the method described is verbose and hard to understand. I'm trying out a simpler approach that doesn't involve annotations everywhere into the grammar.

Reading through the networking books

My Plan 9 exploration requires more in-depth knowledge about computer networks. I'm reading through the books community gave me to read. I'll be writing a review about the material.

Attribute access on subtyping, more about MLSub

While studying the subtyping model introduced in the mlsub paper, I found out that it is quite difficult with polymorphic functions. The paper describes some ways to handle sum types and polymorphism around them, but doesn't describe how to extend the implementation around every feature that I'd need in my project.

To get it all work well I have to study the subject better. I'm puzzled by how the sum types would fit into the type automaton? A short answer from Stephen Dolan would help but I don't seem to reach him.

This kind of stuff at the moment. Happy holidays!

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