On correctness and incorrectness

I worry a lot about whether I'm correct or wrong when I'm writing. Better taste you have more you experience that your works lack correctness or perfection. At the extreme you are unable to fix everything you see as wrong.

People that say that it doesn't matter how good you can get are full of bullshit. It does if you care. People that say you can get better suck too. What I'm writing now sucks. It's got a pseudo-motivational touch to it. My motivation to write it is to feel good about what I'm about to do.

I am about to publish some content that is wrong, yet it was worthwhile to publish. I was pondering whether I could still publish it even if it was wrong and I couldn't make it correct.

There's a catch. I easily think that being in right/wrong/perfect/imperfect are binary quantities. Then I easily think that they are linear quantities with each extreme in each end. That 0.0 wrong is 1.0 correct. But in practice it appears you could be neither right or wrong, in that case your message would be meaningless. Or you could be both right and wrong. It seems more correct to think that even opposite quantities are separate. Being wrong doesn't make it not right.

There's something extremely right in that content I am about to publish and it will lead to interesting discussions.

Afterwards I realised this is how some of my best programs became to be. Also I realised that's how the whole science has became to be.

It was wrong from the start. At the medieval times they used to believe that spiders and snakes are worms. That was wrong, yet it was awesome that there was a taxonomy in the first place back then.

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