Oculus Rift

Rift at our home office

I finally have my Oculus Rift. These are the first consumer-priced VR goggles that deliver a satisfying virtual reality experience.

Rift the hardware sets up an incredible standard of quality that is hard to beat. Everything that has been done here has been done properly. It feels enjoyable wear that could be weared indefinitely if it didn't get warm inside.

Only thing that would make the hardware better would be the longer headstrap, so the spring-loading mechanism wouldn't press on my face as much.

Software in the other hand has some problems. Including:

If these problems persist for some reason, I may have to avoid the future Oculus products and their app store. There are several reasons why:

I still like and appreciate Oculus. That may have something to do with how they sent me and their every other kickstarter a free CV1 and overall signaled it's ripe time to try virtual reality again. I enjoy playing the games I got along the HMD and the whole thing jet-fueled some of my few VR related projects I have had in the plans since DK1.

And this time, the world is ready for VR.

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