Wasteland 2

Few weeks ago I thought I wouldn't buy non-VR game titles anymore. But I got to try Wasteland 2 last weekend and ended to buying it.

In the gameplay and quality I believe Fallout 1 and 2 did better than this new Wasteland game, but it still got the storytelling and narrative into forms where it works.

Wasteland 2 avoids two the most common problems of its genre:

In other hand you got the problem that you're not entirely sure of what's useful later to be kept in the inventory and what you should drop. I suppose it's been intentional.

Some of the enemies it's been bringing are really tough, but overall those you have to fight with have been possible to handle. It looks like the difficulty has been set according to expectations of how hard the player is at each point.

It's also a long game. So far I've had 45 hours and I'm not done yet. I guess it's easily 70 hours before you finish this game. But on later maps the polish falls off. Plot progression and gameplay degrades about the same time when the game starts to be less linear and you get to choose more about where you're going first.

The story is bit of cliché, though. But how many different ways could you tell about post-apocalyptic rangers fighting against cyborgs and robots?

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