I have a terrible track record about managing myself.

It's really damn hard time managing myself. I constantly miss my goals and often fail to work at all. Maybe I'm the kind of person that is hard to be managed in the first place. I'm lazy, argumentative and really great at finding excuses to go towards the direction I would want to go at the moment.

Doing the stuff you want to do right now isn't always a good option.

There are some things that get me bit further when I get to use them, though I don't have a complete habit of using them yet. One is S.M.A.R.T. criterias for setting objectives.

Ability to build up good objectives is important for getting stuff done. I truly crave for the moment of "being done with it". That cannot happen if the objective wasn't specific, the results weren't measured, it wasn't realistic in given time-bounds or it was not assigned to you.

Distinction of decision making into tactics and strategy have helped too.

In one-person-team, strategy is really important because your resources are definitely limited. You have to choose your goals, determine the sequence of actions to achieve your goals and then mobilize yourself into the actions.

Purpose of tactis are to obtain specific objective to advance. They are the decisions you come up while in action.

I suppose these are the basics to obtain results.

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