Windows Fatigue

I consider to drop all my plans related to Windows. I could choose venues and interests that won't lead me to writing software for Windows.

Every time I program for Windows I get the feeling of fatigue. When the fatigue gets in I lose every reason to do programming. My rush for brilliance becomes a menial task where the closest exit is the best of them.

I feel it's psychological. Windows hardly adheres to open source ideologies I lug around. But I also feel I have relatively as much control over it. It's almost like how transplanted limb might get rejected. I feel like I am physiologically incompatible with Windows.

I got into Linux because coolest open source projects were there. It was one of my most rewarding choices. I ended up enjoying POSIX, terminals, ssh, vim, most unix tools and communication between programs with files and sockets. As I learned more about the tools I could do much more with them and it felt very right.

Microsoft anticompetition made Windows incompatible with everything, including most of *nix. Today Windows remains incompatible with everything. I'm starting to realise the possibilities here. They monopolized the niche where they stood and lost tons of opportunities.

People have repeatedly proposed that I'd do windows programming despite all the trouble it gives me. My explanation of preference is shrugged off as elitism or arrogance. If I conform, programming for windows makes me sad.

It's my fault. I shouldn't conform to these demands. There's nothing good in that direction for anyone.

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