Does a blogger blog if no one reads him?

I've got analytics on this website and it tends to point out that very few people are reading my blog unless I throw the entry into reddit and momentarily get hundreds of readers.

It's even bit humiliating to read the analytics. The perennial favorite of this blog is the "How Unity3d sucks". Would you like to be identified as the guy who insults the tools instead of himself? The chances are that my all-time grand master moron blogpost hasn't yet written itself. Should I stop before that escalates?

Blogging has changed me since I started blogging every weekend. I learned a lot about writing good, well-composed consistent posts. Understanding composition in blogging helped out at understanding composition in art and programming as well. It indirectly taught me few extra ways to control my emotions. It taught me about how to not lie accidentally, and how to lie better. It taught me about how to think about other people.

Once I started writing content, it increased how much I'm reading. Blogging helps me remember stuff, so it encourages me to learn about things I could blog about. There's the added benefit that you understand the medium. You eventually learn to detect the mistakes and argumentation errors you do. Once you do that you recognize the mistakes and garden paths in other people's texts too.

Spending my monday night writing crappy blog posts yields mental dividends and I'm sure I'll be never ready to cash out those monday nights.

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