Better Web Language

I've discussed about few things. There are lot of worries about javascript:

There's one way to support the things that are going to be missing in ES6. It's by writing an interpreter. It'll be orders of magnitude slower than javascript, but it will allow putting in the things the javascript committee is ignoring.

JS evaluators used to be slow, but today JS programs rival in performance with C. It's got restricted form called asm.js to reach performance equivalent to software compiled from C sources.

I took some things out from the pyllisp project and used them to start better web language project. The name is a "promise" meaning the same thing that word means in the javascript. Basically it's the pyllisp with RPython virtual machine replaced by one implemented in javascript.

I started it yesterday. By now it runs hello world. During the doing the project I have been doing some screen recording. The project setup -video didn't come out well, but otherwise the remaining videos may turn out to be interesting to someone:

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