Bottom-up Top-down dissonance

Having coded a bit using my new editor textended-edit, I've gotten to notice a possible problem in the editing model.

Textended pivots on the idea that source code consists of tokens, and those tokens have either one of two purposes: To communicate data or structure.

((1 * 2) + (4 * ((5 + 2) - (4 / 3)))

In the above sample the numbers and symbols communicate data and operations done for the data. Parentheses describe structure. If there are precedence rules, we can describe the same code with:

1 * 2 + 4 * (5 + 2 - 4 / 3)

Textended represents data tokens with symbols, strings or binary blobs. The structure is represented by wrapping the data tokens into lists. That effectively forms a top-down structure: The above construct is a tree structure, with numbers and operators as leaves.

In the way textended does it, reading the structure to compiler or layout it is an easy chore, but the model represents a dissonance:

Some constructs appear to be natural to insert top-down: Lists, classes, function definitions, tables, dictionaries. Everything else seem more convenient if you can type in the data token before any structures are formed.

Even if the document were interpreted top-down, it may be the document model needs to be transformed bottom-up, to match the ways it is modified.

I thought about using the editor in this month to create a game. I scaled down the idea, doing an invaders clone in few days instead. I need to rethink on the document model before scaling up the projects.

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