PeacefulForest Aftermath: Motivation

PeacefulForest ended up with rank #359 in IndiesVsGamers, that means it was in the bottom #25 of the entries. GameJolt gives me a percentage of the advertising revenue they get from my game. There's been 145 plays/downloads and about 300 views that has earned me $0.19 for so far. The traffic to the entry has diminished quickly.

I thought participating to this could have provided some visibility to make it less effort to market my subsequent games. That didn't happen. I didn't get what I was looking for in the first place. First I felt a bit unspirited at the scoreboard result.

There are plenty of people in the Internet pointing out every error they notice at your work. Those people should be revered for the lesson they can help you to learn. The lesson of not giving a shit for what bad things others think of you. What does it mean to not give a shit? It means to not change your direction of motion. It means to not respond with gequal and opposite force. In fact it means to not respond at all.

I haven't published a game on this scale for years. Got to say I'm proud of my little piece of failure. It still had so much to give even if it didn't satisfy my needs.

5 people followed this game, meaning they get updates for it. I'm about to do something I haven't certainly done before. I'll create the audio for this game just to reward those guys somehow. It'll be my first soundtrack and the first sound effects I've ever put into a game or produced.

I'm looking towards ludum dare compo next, if just to keep the trend up. See you there in 2 weeks!

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