About The Author of This Blog

My name is Henri Tuhola. I am a Finnish software designer. Born 1987 December.

This blog has a lot of programming related posts. I'm doing programming every day of the year. I've been doing it from the year 1997. It's my passion and obsession. I'd imagine I've managed to insult many people this far, because I've seen them fucking things up.

In the person I imagine I'm having quite of an articulated taste. I like reading fiction as long as it's quality. I dislike sports unless I'm doing it myself. I like unique, quality experiences as long as they don't involve stupidity.

On programming related things I'm not picky though. Graphics, Music, Interactive settings, Games, Hardware-near. If there's anything I'm interested about, I'll be programming to it. Also if anyone asks a programming related question, I'm usually answering.

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