The First Textended Editor Release

This release comes with an user interface resembling those in traditional text editors. It's been adapted for structured text documents. You can move in the text, remove and insert characters like usual, select structures by dragging with your mouse, then use common ctrl+c ctrl+v -commands to copy them around inside the editor window. Additionally if you've opened the program with a filename, you can use ctrl+s to save the document. The most visible differences to existing editors are the following commands:

This release is not entirely viable yet:

Despite the shortcomings, it's still a release. The subsequent releases will improve on the features without cutting them down. During the next week, I'm intending to fix one of the shortcomings. Initially I'll be also translating some of my python code into the format processible by the editor. Since it's a generic tool, it should work for python as well, after all.

The editor is available in textended-edit -repository. To use, you'll need a Desktop machine, a Linux distribution installed, with python 2.7 pyopengl and pygame installed. Also the editor needs to find the textended -module somewhere. I intend to loosen the dependencies eventually.

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