What is this?

This is my homepage/blog. It's going to carry some SteamOS related game tutorials. And various ramblings. The website layout concentrates on readability with mobile-first principle.

Why am I so excited about SteamOS that I have to devote my blog for that stuff? I think Valve is going to create the game development platform of this century. I have to catch on. I also would love to write some commercial Linux exclusives! I will write about SteamOS in the future posts. Now it's time to look at this website a little bit.

Dropped the old posts

It's time to think of this as a fresh start. I might return the old posts later, but I don't think they're much of a loss. Nobody seems read them because there were many posts that were better written and more interesting than them.

Tech behind the website

I'm using markdown and BeautifulSoup with python. Every directory is named like /entries/2013/dec/1/entryname. This makes it easy to work with. Thought about using something better than markdown at first but I realised that mobile readability matters and I couldn't add anything too fancy after all. Therefore I rather did it this way. You should always have easy access to my website.

My blog is only a directory. It doesn't have anything dynamic on the website. Not even website analytics scripts! I have a script on my computer that updates the whole blog at once and sends it to my server with rsync. That's it.

Every post entry is a directory, and I have a small tool which I use to create and navigate in them. I also have unpublished directory for stuff I haven't published yet so I can preview what I publish.

To make it easier for people to follow when I've got new site content, I added RSS feed. It contains the latest ten entries of my blog and it's updated every time I rsync.


I've made sure that the website can be easily accessed with handheld reader. It's more important than decorations, branding or even in-site ads. This is why the website pretty much doesn't contain any decorations. The decorations have a purpose of distributing personality. The mobile-first design allows inserting them later if I ever need them.

Another thing in my website is that it starts small. Here's a listing of all the files in my blog direcory:


Nine files. 416 lines total. That's everything which holds my blog together.


I start working on the first commercial game title I will publish. There is some old code in my archives that I can bootstrap from. The game will feature sneaking around and hacking things.

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