Chording editor usage test

this script requires javascript and canvas support. that kind of support is provided by firefox, safari or chrome browser.

Keybuffer currently: empty

Please pass your feedback to Use Subject: Chordtest rev.1

Also, if you have data about languages using latin alphabets that I could use in designing chords for the alphabet. Could you pass it along?

Click at the textbox over and try type chords from the chart below.

Summary of chords

backspace O

clear all O A

i S

e D

a F

o J

u K

y L

b H M

c C D

d G H

f B N

g S X

t F G

h H J

k F V

j J N

l K L

m M K

n N M

p S D

q X C

r N L

s J L

v H K

w B M

x B H

z G B